Living Up to Our Commitment to Graduate Assistants

Loyola’s graduate assistants have significant bearing on our University’s strong academic reputation by helping foster a campus culture rich in scholarship, research, teaching, and mentorship. Accordingly, the University goes to great lengths to offer its graduate assistants services and financial and development resources that are competitive with offerings at comparable institutions and that are in keeping with our Jesuit, Catholic mission, our social justice values, and our focus on student experience and satisfaction in all that we do. Below are highlights of our demonstrated commitment to graduate assistants during academic year 2016–17 and additional enhancements already implemented or planned for 2017–18.

Learning and Development as teachers and researchers

  • New graduate student and international student orientation programs
  • Dissertation Boot Camp—a program designed to help doctoral students make progress on the dissertation
  • Project Management Workshop—a day-long seminar open to all graduate students
  • Theater Delta Workshop—a financial education interactive theater workshop open to all graduate students
  • Professional Development Workshops—thesis/dissertation work, external funding and fellowship opportunities, Introduction to IRB, Graduate Student Writing seminar, Career Pathways, graduation information sessions
  • Free of charge teaching and pedagogy programs, including the Online Teaching Certificate Course, offered by the Center for Ignatian Pedagogy
  • Assignment to a faculty mentor for teaching and research


  • Graduate Student Life office and programs offered at the Lake Shore Campus and the Water Tower Campus
  • Wellness Center services offered free of charge at the Lake Shore Campus and the Water Tower Campus
  • Career Development Center services offered to graduate students in person, via telephone, or via Skype at no fee and assignment to a Career Advisor who specializes in the student’s academic program


  • Graduate assistant participation in shared governance through the University Senate, Graduate Student Advisory Council and Graduate, Professional and Adult Council, as well as through advisory groups within graduate programs

Planned for 2017–18

  • New affinity groups and engagement activities, including meetings with senior leadership

 Financial Support

Financial Awards

  • Support for more than 450 students for their graduate education (assistantship, fellowships, tuition, insurance, or combination)
  • More than $5 million spent on stipends and more than $5 million for scholarships/tuition grants
  • 300 students awarded health insurance (236 accepted) as part of their award, an investment of $2,950 per student
  • 29 competitive fellowships offered, including 16 Schmitt Fellows, 6 Pre-Doctoral Teaching Fellows, 5 Crown Fellows and 2 Child & Family Research Assistantships

2017–18 Stipend Increases

The base stipend for many graduate students in full assistantship has increased to $18,000, with a prorated adjustment for those in less than full assistantships. In addition, for the 2017–18 academic year, many graduate assistants will receive an additional stipend increase of $500 for each year of service within years 2–5 of a full graduate assistantship and a prorated amount for a less than full assistantship.

Loyola will spend an additional three-quarters of a million dollars on graduate assistant stipends in 2017–18.

Other Support Awards

  • 77 travel awards given to graduate students to present at conferences, an investment of $31,000
  • 8 research awards given to graduate students for research costs, an average investment of $350 per student
  • $12,000 for summer research mentoring, an investment of $1,000 per student

Planned for 2017–18

  • New travel awards

Loyola remains committed to systematically assessing its competitiveness in the market and making adjustments to financial and other forms of support for graduate assistants where needed.